Things I have come to terms with before I officially turn 20🤔😂😒

I will officially be 20 on February 9th which is in 4days. I have decided to make a list of things that I have understood during my teenage years and recently. I have reflected on these things and put them into good use over the past months and being one of these teenagers who find it hard to come to terms with adulting at the age of 18, and being afraid of what the adult phase holds because the teenage phase was a shocker😂. I didn’t feel like an adult at 18 and still turning 20 I still feel normal?🤔. But during these past few months leading to me, turning 20 in 4days😶, I knew I had to learn to be an adult, I had to learn to fend for myself. So I decided to change my attitudes towards some things and maybe life in general…

But first thing first, I had to understand that nobody runs my life, whatever decisions made on my head, 🤔 I bear the consequences be it bad or good😂. Am happy I didn’t learn it the hard way though. Listen to advice, and do what you want😂, at the end. Just be careful, we are always one decision away from an entirely different life. (Or a decision away from a particular kind of life🤔)(forgot the exact quote but you get my point😜).

Social media is a dream killer and a personality killer too😂. We have dreams, different perspersonalities, from different people all over the world, but as always we always want to be like the people with bubbling lifestyles and amazing careers in modeling(etc) on Instagram. Whose pictures doesn’t have a sparkle of dust in them, their outfit like the purest part of the ocean? And it’s sad😔. Just don’t take social media seriously please 🙏. It’s not just a dream and personality killer, but also a joy murderer.😶

Your heart is your one true path.

Follow your heart😍. If your heart isn’t in it, your everything (attention, commitment, focus, discipline etc) can’t be in it. Don’t follow anyone else path, find yours.🤨

There is no time and nothing will work out as planned and that’s okay. Following the years that led to this very moment, I had my life planned, from the time of college to the time of graduation, to the time of my career, and personal relationships, and none worked out as intended and that’s seriously okay. I had made peace with that now.😔That’s just life, not that none of those things are not going to happen, they will, we just have to weather through the storms called life first. There’s no time though😂 but we can’t do anything about that and we can’t rush either.( where are we rushing to 😏, to our death?🤢🤣)

You are different and that’s so cool and amazing.

Being different is the most amazing thing in the universe, but people fail to realize that. Me too, I failed to realize that too, we always be wanting to be like another person. And that’s impossible even if we go through true surgeries and makeovers, we can’t be like each other ever.

You gotta love you. Cause you is all you got.

Last but not the list, 😜 focus is hard, especially when we have a lot of distracting things in this world🌎. But it is not unachievable or impossible, discipline is what you need to make it to where you going.

Note: am not a motivational speaker. Just sharing my thoughts.





Our thoughts are unfiltered inspirations💭

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Precious Ekeruo

Precious Ekeruo

Our thoughts are unfiltered inspirations💭

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