Toxicity Of Modern Women Population

At the time of this article, I still didn’t know how to convey my thoughts appropriately, I hope it was…

I am a lady, I have been one since I was born, lol. And I have advocated for the female population, and have been called a feminist a lot of times, I didn’t mind, I welcomed it. I did some research a couple of months back and I like to agree to disagree now. Am not a feminist, am an advocate for human equality, be it a child or an adult or an old person, because obviously, we were against the inequality of women, and we (women) have attained that and should move on, there are other things to worry about now, than a woman on TikTok saying we don’t need men. we are paid the same as men, we have higher positions in companies, we own companies, brands, etc. We are no longer slaves to men ( I don’t know of any other culture. I am Igbo-Nigerian). We are no longer being married off before we were even 18 and our value has gone beyond giving birth and having male children still, etc. And that is amazing. And even if there are men who still think women are inferior to them, then it’s their problem, not yours.

But it seemed like we started to enjoy ourselves a little too much and started to take things a little farther at some point. I have come across videos, whether of a child being abused, a woman being abused, and surprisingly, men being abused. And am the most logical and simple person ever, and I find it hard to understand why you hesitate to leave someone who is abusing you, even if it is just verbally, diving into psychology has taught me a lot and shifted my perception of things. I can’t say I understand it all, I can’t even imagine going through such an ordeal, but people out there are going through it, and a lot of them don’t survive. It’s just that we don’t know, we don’t hear, we don’t see.

So surprisingly hearing or even seeing a woman abusing a “man” both verbally and physically is quite shocking, not. We all saw it coming, from a mile away, am not surprised at all. I believe this generation is taking it a bit too far with the masculine domination thingy, we no longer know our place, and all we know is that we own the place. Pathetic!!

The toxicity in women this recent times is at a whole new level, because you are a woman, we are allowed some liberties now, lol, because we are women, we are allowed to rough a man up, but not kill him, that would be extreme, obviously, we are allowed to not respect a man, because of course we are equal, what do they need it for, we are not under them, lol. we are allowed to manipulate, that’s a seductive thing, men love it, we are allowed to play victims, whenever we want, we are allowed to take from men(financially, time-wise) and bring nothing, we are allowed to cry wolf when we are the wolves. I can go and on and on about how toxic women have become, but I doubt if it would make a difference.

“The representation of women in the society, especially through mass media has been the most delusional act ever done on the grounds of human existence.”
Abhijit Naskar, The Bengal Tigress: A Treatise on Gender Equality

But it is so bad that we even hear news about women abusing and killing their children, its a little bit rampant, that I would go on YouTube to chill and be bombarded with news about a woman who cooked her baby and I want to ask, “are we alright?” “are we like okay in the head?” obviously not. This is all that we have resulted to, after thousands of years of fighting for freedom, and we got it, just to end up this way. If our female generation is this way I don’t know what the upcoming generation is going to be like, definitely not better, but I hope not, this one is hell as it is.

I know there are good females out there, whether small or big, whether young or old, just keep it up. It ain’t easy to be out there being good and you. Not trying to bash women, am a woman, after all, it just needed to be said.

“It is not the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world; it is the woman that holds the keys to the kingdom.”
Shannon L. Alder




Our thoughts are unfiltered inspirations💭

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Precious Ekeruo

Precious Ekeruo

Our thoughts are unfiltered inspirations💭

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