Dear Reader…

My name is Precious Chinazaekpere Ekeruo, am from Nigeria and I reside in Nigeria. I turned 20 two months ago. One of my worst birthdays😒😥😥

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I come from a family of eight, including my parents, and am the fifth child. I graduated secondary school last four years ago, and since then I have long been discovering myself and I haven’t even gotten in the middle of that, 🤣😂. I did have a job during those past four years but did nothing much. Though as much as I want to say that I wasted four years of my life, doing absolutely nothing and learning nothing, I can’t, because I improved and developed so much over the past 4 years, that every time I think about what I did in the past I cringe, every single time.

I am currently learning graphic design and not so sure of myself, I have forgotten how to be creative and that is affecting my learning process.

I have a passion for writing and reading, the reading I have no problem at all getting into, but unfortunately, the writing is still inconsistent. I started writing and reading as a child, the reading came first, and then the writing. I even wrote a novel, but unfortunately, I don’t know where it is, lol. I would give anything to find that 80 leaves exercise book, like anything. I just want a sneak peek at what my brain was like as a child. Unfortunately, I dropped writing as a child, I had to study, and I didn’t know what to write as a child, and I didn’t have someone at my back, pushing me toward the thing that I naturally gravitated to. Reading books (novels, newspapers, anything, etc.) helped with my vocabulary, and spelling, because I remember in JSS 2 (which is short for Junior secondary school), one of our teachers who was handling us in English stepped into our class and asked what Nude is? I read that word in the local newspaper about a man who went nude cause of madness, and we had a big Oxford dictionary at home and were able to find out what it meant. I was like it was a normal thing, of course, everybody knows it. I just raised my hand, but I was just the only one with the hand up. I can remember the look on his face and couldn’t imagine the embarrassment on my face.

Since then, and even recently, I get people telling me I speak a lot of grammar and it makes it hard for me to be understood, and unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that, it’s something that is now part of me, knowing English, obviously.

Recently, my siblings have recognized my passion or talent for writing, they think I am good, especially when I write resumes or letters of employment.

They would love it if I pursued it, cause obviously when you love what you do, you make money from it. Is that true though? Then I decided to jump back into writing, but I have experienced roadblocks or writing blocks whatever it is called. Although I have ideas of what to write about, I still make excuses and do not pick the pen. I have worthy book ideas, but I can’t seem to write them down, but I will get there, it’s just been so long.

Did I mention any friends? No, I didn’t, because I don’t have any. Developing these past years, I had to shade a lot of people out of my life, I needed the break. I did that, not because they were bad friends but because the phase I am in isn’t the same phase they are in, or chapter or even book. We weren’t on the same book and I have realized it is not a bad thing.

Anyways I could go on and on about my little boring life, but I do not want to take all your time, I just wanted to share that.

I believe everybody should get comfortable with sharing the little details of their lives once in a while, not just the big things happening in their lives.

In the end, I don’t know if I said who I was, as asked by the title, am still getting to know myself. I don’t think we will ever know who we truly are, who or what we will be. We won’t ever truly know.

Manage growth wisely… I don’t know who the f said that, but they are right.




Our thoughts are unfiltered inspirations💭

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Precious Ekeruo

Precious Ekeruo

Our thoughts are unfiltered inspirations💭

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